MR.O.P.Dhanuka ,DIN -00049947,DOB(26.01.2950) is a Commerce Graduate and MBA( City University Los Angeles, California), Chairman  looks after and manage the affairs of the company .  He is the past President of the Indian Sugar Mills Association and is well known in Sugar Industry circles for his expertise in the management of Sugar Mill


Mr. P J Bhide, DOB( 21.06.1934) B Com, FCA, is a practicing Chartered Accountant having vast experience of Corporate Taxation and Governance .


Mr. S Prasad, DOB( 10.01.1969), is a M. Com, C.S., A.I.C.W.A, having vast experience in Accounting, Finance, Corporate Managment Secretarial Compliance  and legal Matter.


Mr. J K Pachisia, DOB( 10.01.1959), B Com having experience in Finance , Accounts as well in the field of purchase and sales.